Wednesday, November 4, 2015

#WishList: The MeCam Classic Captures YOUR Life's Moments!

Now that spring, summer and fall have completely flown by, winter is right around the corner (if you live in the north like I do!!) And, I always associate this time of the year with fond memories and heartwarming gifting! In this first post of my winter's #WishList series, perfect for the upcoming Christmas holiday, I'm reviewing a product that would be a great gift, but will also be useful in capturing all of the fun and loving memories.

The MeCam Classic is a small, lightweight POV camera that charges through a USB cord and carries a removable SD Card. It takes video, still photographs, and can film in Infrared mode. You can find it on Amazon in a variety of colors for $69.99 + free shipping, or on the MeCam website for $69.99. Here are the product facts, taken from Amazon:

  • Includes, One MeCam Classic, Charging/upload Cable & Necklace Cord
  • Video Resolution: 1280*720P, Video Frame Rate: 30 fps (frames per second), Video With Audio (10ft Radius/20ft Diameter)
  • Still Camera (5.0 Megapixel); Infrared lights to shoot in low light/dark conditions
  • System Compatibility: Windows/MacOS & Battery: Li-Ion (80 Minute Continuous Run Time)
  • Connection Upload and Charging: USB 2.0

Check out the video I took while walking through some woods. You can see that the filming was clearest when I was standing still or moving slowly. You can also hear the crunching of the sticks and leaves, which I thought was pretty cool!

First, let's talk about the PROS of the MeCam Classic: Obviously it's very small and lightweight with makes it portable and easy to use. You can just pin it to an item of clothing, or wear it as a necklace. Also, the USB charging and removable SD Card makes charging and uploading a breeze. Another point that I thought was impressive, was that such a small device can have so many functions- video, photography, and infrared functions. In my use of the camera, I found that it's best for taking video while staying still and capturing anything going on or moving in front of you. The audio is good quality too, so I will definitely use this over Christmas time to capture people opening their presents, or maybe Christmas carolers! 

Now, let's discuss some areas that you might consider CONS of the product: Being so small and lightweight definitely affects that stability of the camera. If you are moderately moving, or walking, during filming, the footage will be bouncy; it's definitely not for active filming. Also, something to keep in mind, is that the MeCam Classic is NOT high definition. Although MeCam does make an HD quality product that you can buy here.
Overall, the MeCam Classic is a fun gadget that is definitely unique. For a price of only $69.99, it definitely works well for what it's made for. Just remember, it works best if you keep the camera still and capture what is in front of you. Again, perfect for gift opening and Christmas morning! And if you're looking for something more professional quality, check out the MeCam HD! 

And guess what... if you're interested in a MeCam Classic of your own, or as an awesome #WishList gift for someone you know, here is an exclusive 20% off code for On The Fly readers! Just go to this site--> and use code tomoson20. 
I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review. All opinions and views expressed are completely my own. Photos were taken from MeCam Amazon's website. 

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