Thursday, September 24, 2015

Enhance Your Eyelashes with Beautonics

Prepping for a wedding requires crazy amounts of planning and coordinating. And of course, there is so much stress associated with it! But in the midst of all of the stress and craziness, I'm trying to make sure I'm physically prepared! I've been on a diet and exercise routine, using Crest White Strips, moisturizing my skin and more.

And one of the beauty regimens I've been most excited is using my new Beautonics Eyelash Enhancing Serum! I've always had thin and short lashes and even with mascara, they've never been show-stopping by any means. But I'd heard so many great things about this product, so needless to say I added it to my daily routine immediately.
 This tube looks like a tube of mascara with a thin, soft brush for easy application. Also you have to do is apply the serum, with the brush, at the base of your eyelashes once a day. I use it on both my top and bottom eyelashes.
One of the most impressive things about this serum is that it includes on plant-based ingredients. So there are no dangerous or elusive chemicals to worry about near your eyes. Some of the product's ingredients include various seed extract, leaf extract and root extract. I love what Beautonics says about this: "Your eyelashes are now vegan!" 

I've been using this product consistently for about 20 days now and I've started to notice a difference. My lashes are definitely getting longer! I'm hoping that with another 20 days of daily use, they'll also get thicker and sexier!! Just in time for the wedding!

There are a a ton of reviews on their Amazon page so go check out what kind of results others have had!

What products are staples of your beauty routine?
*I received this product complimentary from Tomoson in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. All views and opinions expressed are completely my own.

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