Wednesday, August 26, 2015

#WeddingBelle: A Perfect Bridal Shower!

If you follow my blog, you'll notice that I've been slow on new posts lately. That's because it's less than 2 months until my wedding and holy cow, I've been busy!! So to make up for my last couple of slow weeks, I want to share with you all of the amazing details of my Bridal Shower and tips on how you can throw a perfect shower too!
My sister and I
My sister/Maid of Honor and I at the shower!
My Dress: As the bride, I had to dress the part! When else will I be able to wear so much white?! My dress from David's Bridal made me feel beautiful and comfortable while celebrating this special day.
TIP: If you're celebrating your own Bridal Shower, make sure you choose an outfit that represents you! It doesn't even have to be white; just make sure you FEEL your absolute best and you'll look gorgeous in anything!
The food spread that was laid out in our dining room. 
The Food: My Bridesmaids, as well as my family members, put out quite the spread!! This was a Sunday afternoon soiree so we had wraps, meatballs, buffalo chicken dip, fruit, veggies, and all kinds of salads! It was so nice to have a wide variety of food, where everyone could find something they loved!
My specialty cupcakes/bride cake!
The Cupcakes: One of my favorite surprises at my shower was the dessert! My family friend, who is also creating our wedding cake, made a variety of delicious cupcakes, along with a cake that was actually a bride! How cool is that?! It was such a special surprise that everyone enjoyed!
TIP: Custom made desserts, like cookies or cakes, are a great way to add a personal and festive touch to the shower! They don't have to be complicated either! Check out these adorable wedding-themed cookies from Southern Daisy that you can make yourself.
My sister, Christy, showing off her toilet paper wedding dress.
movie posters
The wall of photos, complete with our faces on some famous movie posters!!
The Games: No Bridal Shower is complete without some fun, interactive games and what my sister (and Maid of Honor,) Christy, had in store was beyond what I ever imagined!!! She had a couple of amazing games that I'd seen before, like Toilet Paper Couture where teams had to create a wedding dress out of toilet paper. We also played "What's in my Purse" where each player got points for the items they had in their purse. BUT, MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE GAME WAS "GUESS THAT MOVIE!" My sister spent countless hours on a website called where she photo-shopped mine and Jimmy's heads onto famous movie posters. Each player had to write down the name of the movie and for bonus points- the names of both the main actor and actress. This game was such a hoot and I love that I'll have these movie posters forever!
TIP: Pinterest is a perfect place to search for Bridal Shower games and ideas. These are a great way to keep everyone engaged and excited.
party favors
My sugar scrub party favors!
The Favors: Party favors are a great way to thank your guests for coming. My Bridesmaids found the favors on Etsy from BButtonsCo.  They were little purses with sugar scrub cubes to use in the shower. And I love the sign my sister made- "From Megan's Shower to Yours!"
Me and 6 out of 7 of my lovely bridesmaids!
And The Company: Most importantly, my Bridal Shower was as amazing as it was because of who was there. I felt so loved by all of my close friends and family surrounding me. There's no doubt that this was the absolute BEST part of my shower!!
TIP: Even though a Bride doesn't usually plan the Bridal Shower for herself, it's important that she have a say in who's invited. It's imperative that she's surrounded by everyone and anyone who she wants to be there, so even if it's a surprise party, be sure the Bride has given a thumbs up on the final guest list!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Tech Savvy Sunday: Security & Convenience with Square Cash

Technology is seriously amazing... especially when it makes every day life easier and more convenient! I'll be honest, I haven't been to an actual bank in quite a while and frankly, I don't miss it! I love the ability to take care of all of my financial issues at home, and now, I can swap money with people on the go using Square Cash!

Square Cash is completely free to download AND free to use! It's a secure way to send and receive money between others from anywhere, at anywhere. Plus, there really are two unique ways to use Square Cash:

1. Download the app and create an account! Then, through the app, you can request, pay or receive money from anyone else who has a Square Cash account! You can even add notes about what the money is for, so it's easy to keep track! Your account links to your debit card so when you pay, it's taken right out of your account, and when someone pays you money, it's deposited into that same account within seconds. It's really that easy!!

2. Create a $Cashtag! This allows anyone, even those who don't have a Square Cash account, to go to your website, input their debit card information, and pay you from there! For example, my $Cashtag is $MegTicho. So I can tell anyone to visit http://Cash.Me/$MegTicho and from that page, they can send me money! It's so cool and so unique. I can't even imagine all of the things you could use this for to make life easier.

Overall, Square Cash is all about convenience and allowing you to connect with others in a hassle-free and secure way. I highly recommend this app and will continue to use it in my everyday life!!

So download Square Cash and make today a Tech Savvy Sunday! 
This is a sponsored post in partnership with Square Cash and Her Campus Media. All words and opinions are my own.