Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Favorites: June 26

Welcome to the first of my new post series- Friday Favorites. Every Friday, I'll share with you all of the random things I've been obsessing over throughout the week. Enjoy!

Orange is the New Black- Just like the rest of the world, I just binged watched the new season on Netflix. I'm so hooked on the unprecedented plot, as well as the character development of this show. They've just started filming season 4 so I know there's more to come!

This American Life- I started listening to this podcast after finishing the spin-off series, Serial. I've become so hooked on listening to old TAL podcasts on Soundcloud. It's really made me look forward to the long drives and there are so many amazing stories I've heard on this show that I will never forget.

The 5 Love Languages- I read this book based on an assignment from my Priest in preparing for my upcoming wedding. At first, the book felt like homework, but after just the introduction I was hooked. The book provides amazing insight and advice into the world of all relationships. Everyone should read this!

African Decor- So I'm decorating the living room of our new house and I was inspired by the room's rich maroon and gold colors to go for an African theme. I've been loving the unique decor I've found so far and have even created my own African-inspired artwork! Elephants and lions and giraffes, oh my!

What favorites have you discovered this week?

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