Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Brighten & Repair Your Skin with Lumi*Essence

I think it's safe to assume that most people suffer from uneven skin or blemishes. Some blemishes, like freckles or acne scars, are natural and others are a result of sun exposure. Either way, I think most people would enjoy clearer and brighter looking skin.
I recently received the opportunity to test out a bottle of Lumi*Essence Organic Advanced Skin Brightening Repair Treatment. This light and creamy formula uses a variety of ingredients to combat blemishes, dark spots and sun damage. Overtime, the product enhances skin evenness and luminosity.

So, let's first take a look at what innovative ingredients are in the formula:

  • Kojic Acid- helps to lighten and reduce the appearance of dark spots
  • Alpha-Arbutin- skin lightening agent that prevents conversion of pigment-forming enzymes 
  • Papaya & Pineapple extract- provide intense exfoliation to help reduce the size and color intensity of dark spots and help even skin tone
  • Niacinamid- interrupts the process that causes irregular pigmentation to form
  • Milk Thistle- an effective anti-oxidant that aids in repair of uneven skin overtime
What I've noticed in my 3 weeks of 2x daily use:

  • Dark spots are lighter
  • Skin tone is more even
  • The formula is fragrance-free and non-greasy, so I can use it under makeup
  • Feels very gentle on my sensitive skin
  • Pump allows for easy dispensing
  • The lotion-like consistency feels great on my face and hasn't changed the texture or oiliness of my skin
This product is specialized for your face but there's another one that's made for your body! The other thing I love, is that this product isn't gender-specific. It can be used by men or women! 

All in all, I've really enjoyed using this product and I have definitely noticed a difference in my skin. I'll continue to use it and would definitely recommend the product for anyone looking to even out and brighten their skin. 

How do you fight blemishes and sun damage?!
I received these products complimentary from for testing and review purposes only. All opinions and views are completely my own.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

My Advocare 24 Day Challenge: Results, Thoughts & Next Steps

Advocare 24 Day Challenge
In March, I wrote this post about kickstarting my weight loss journey with the Advocare 24 Day Challenge. I'm proud to announce, that more than 24 days later, I have completed the Challenge and I feel better than ever! This is just step one on my journey to look and feel my best on my wedding day (which is less than 6 months away!!) So, to follow up on my recent posts, I wanted to share with you my thoughts, feelings and results of the challenge! Perhaps you are ready to make a healthy change and my hope is that this helps you in your own journey!!!

So, after 24 Days, here are my concrete results:


Woohoo! The place that I noticed an immediate difference was in my face so check out a few of these pictures! Such a huge difference in a short amount of time! Stay tuned for some full body before and after photos soon!

Before photoBefore photo 2

After photoAfter photo 2

Not to mention, I've seen major differences in the way I feel since beginning the challenge. I have far less acid reflux, far MORE energy and of course, I feel super confident! I really feel like this was a great jumpstart to achieving my goal by October. 

My Overall Challenge Thoughts:
  • It is really is a lifestyle change, so you're not expected to continue such a strict program forever (I mean, c'mon- it's unrealistic to never eat another piece of pizza again!) 
  • Preparation is key- I avoided a lot of temptation by making sure I had food already prepared for the following day.
  • Eating out isn't really that hard because your food options are not as limited as you may think!
  • I was NEVER hungry because I was eating large portions 5 times per day!
  • The Advocare products are just added supplements, so you don't have to make any long-term commitments to using the products forever.
  • Trust me, if I can do this, SO CAN YOU!!!
I'm really looking forward to the next chapter of this journey! What are my next steps? I'm going to continue taking select Advocare supplements like the Spark, Meal Replacement Shakes and vitamin MNS packs. I'm also going to continue on the same eating plan, while being a little less strict and making it fit into my busy life! 

This is only the beginning and I'm super excited to continue on the Advocare program until I achieve all of my goals! Interested in hearing about what Advocare can do for you? Check out my website or email me to chat-

And once again, a huge shout out and thank you to my Advocare coach (who also happens to be my best friend and #1 supporter) Amy Showers for helping me achieve my goals! She's amazing and can help you too!
Megan and Amy

How are you getting yourself summer ready?!
Disclosure: I have received no compensation for this post. I am an Advocare user and have recently become a product distributor; however, my motives are purely to help others and to share my personal journey. All opinions and views expressed are my own.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Add This App! Excite Your Exercise with Zombies, Run!

In preparation for my October wedding, I've really been stepping up my health and fitness game. I've been taking the Advocare 24 Day Challenge to jump start my weight loss and change my diet lifestyle. And lately, I've starting to focus even more on adding exercise into my daily routine. 

Luckily, I've found an app that makes my daily walks and jogs fun and interesting! And yes, I'm serious... it's made exercising FUN! 

The app is called Zombies, Run! The story, of course, takes place in an apocalyptic world where zombies are roaming free. Through a series of radio broadcasts, that are speaking directly to you (you, being Runner 5,) you learn so many amazing back-stories and get delegated so many treacherous tasks. The app also uses either gps or a pedometer to track your walking/running distance and speed. The further you walk, the more items you pick up to help your home base. 

And the coolest part- every once in a while, you'll hear the announcement that zombies are close and you have to run! Then for one minute, you must pick up your pace by 20% to avoid being bit! It's such a fun motivator! 

Honestly, this app has made me look forward to exercising. It's like watching a movie... but you're in it! I think it's really innovative, awesome and a must-try for anyone looking to add some excitement to your daily routine. I've only been using it for about a week so I have some much more of the story to listen to and I absolutely can't wait for what happens next!

How do you keep your workouts exciting?!

Monday, April 6, 2015

My Advocare 24 Day Challenge: Tools for Success

So I'm officially on Part 2 of my Advocare 24 Day Challenge! I've witnessed so many results throughout the cleanse phase but above all, I've noticed how much more energy I have! 

If you're interested in reading more about Advocare's 24 Day Challenge, check out my previous blog post all about kickstarting this journey! And if you're interested in trying it for yourself, email me at, or check out my website for more information. 

In this post, I want to share with you the tools that I've been using that have helped me to be so successful:
Blender Bottle- I am so glad that I bought this Blender Bottle at Wegmans. Throughout the challenge, I've been drinking Spark and Fiber drinks that come from a powder and get poured into water. Then, you have to shake it up to mix everything together. The Blender Bottle includes a ball in the middle that helps to blend your liquid when shaking. I, also, love the pop top and the insulation it provides. This is a must!

Reusable Water Bottle- Take your body weight, divide it in half and that's how many ounces you should be drinking a day! So a water bottle that's dedicated to consuming your daily amount is a necessity. I carry it everywhere!

Food Scale- Portions are very important on this Challenge, so using a food scale will make sure those portions are accurate.

Ziploc Bags/Tupperware- Preparation is the key to success with Advocare and having a sufficient number of storage options will make this so much easier. I've been prepping food and meals, storing them in Tupperware or Ziploc bags, then just grabbing what I need to pack for a day at work!

24 Day Challenge App- Advocare actually has an app specifically made for the challenge! It's so awesome! If you have a smartphone, you can pull up food suggestions and portion charts, interact with members of the community, and track your daily food and supplement schedule. It's so easy and convenient!
My amazing friend and Advocare coach, Amy! She's recently lost more than 40 pounds!!
Support- One of the things that I've found to really set Advocare apart from other similar programs, is the support that you receive along the way. While on the 24 Day Challenge, you have a coach to keep you on track, assist with questions, tweak your approach, motivate you, and more! My coach, Amy (whose results I wrote about in my last blog post) has been amazing! We text about the Challenge every day and talk over the phone on a weekly basis. The support system surrounding Advocare is amazing and incredibly helpful. Keeping that constant communication is critical to success!!! Plus, I've now been able to provide that same support to others! It feels great and helps to keep me motivated and accountable along the way :)

Have you considered taking a healthy step in the right direction and starting the Challenge? What tools do you think would add to my success?!
Disclosure: I have received no compensation for this post. I am an Advocare user and have recently become a product distributor; however, my motives are purely to help others and to share my personal journey. All opinions and views expressed are my own.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Product Alert! Repair Your Hair with Arvazallia

I use so many products in my hair on a daily basis. And between blow drying, straightening or curling, my locks can take quite the beating, especially, when you also add in harsh, dry weather. So I know how important it is to have a hair care routine that repairs damage made by heat styling, color treatment and chemical products. 

That's exactly why I was thrilled to try out Arvazallia Advanced Hair Repair products. They contain various oils including Argan and Macadamia to repair, moisturize and strengthen your hair.  

The Shampoo and Conditioner are great to use on a daily basis for consistently healthy hair. When I used these products, I found that my hair was extra soft, bouncy and healthy looking. My usual thick-hair-frizz is gone and I'm left with smooth, manageable hair. It was easy to comb through and to style! Plus, the smell is good but not overpowering in any way. 

The other product I tried, the Hair Mask and Deep Conditioner, is perfect for that extra boost one-two times a week. This mask is loaded with Argan Oil and provides extra hydration, vitamins, nutrients and detangling formula. 
These products are definitely high quality and when used together, are a great system for keeping your hair healthy, happy and fabulous! Not to mention, the company's customer service was great! After ordering the products through Amazon, I received follow up information on how to make the most of my products and encouraging my feedback. This, to me, demonstrates a company who cares about each customer's experience and that is so important!

I will definitely continue to use these products to help my hair recover from the winter weather, harsh chemicals, and intense heat it has been experiencing on a daily basis! If you're looking for a product line to do the same, I definitely recommend Arvazallia Advanced Hair Repair Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask.

How do you repair your hair?!
I received these products complimentary from for testing and review purposes only. All opinions and views are completely my own.