Thursday, March 12, 2015

Travel Easier with the Dot&Dot Packing Folder

I think I speak for most people when I say that packing is such a challenge! Not only do you have to decide what to bring and what you'll wear, but you have to consolidate it without causing wrinkles. Ugh, not fun.
 But, I did get the opportunity to try out a Dot&Dot Packing Folder, which undoubtedly makes packing easier! The folder is 15 inches and can hold up to 7 shirts and/or pants. It's really sturdy, well-made and super trendy. All you have to do is open the folder up, stack your folded clothing, then close it back up again! There's also a handy folding board to help with the process.
I love the way it keeps your clothing tightly packed to prevent wrinkles and creases. It's also so compact so you could easily slip it into another bag or backpack. 

Now, my family and friends can attest to the fact that I bring way too many clothes when I travel, even just for the weekend. I don't think I could fit a weekend's worth of clothes in this folder, but I could definitely fit clothes for an overnight trip! I'll also definitely use it if I have an outfit in mind for a special occasion. I can put the outfit in the folder, making sure it stays together and stays neat, then put the sleeve in my larger suitcase! 
Overall, I think this is a really cool product that can be extremely useful. I know I'll be using mine on my weekend trips to visit my Fiancee! Want to buy your own? Check out their Amazon page! There are so many colors to choose from, so you can be as stylish as you want!!!! 

How do you make packing easier?
I received this product from for testing purposes only. All opinions and photos are completely my own. 

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