Wednesday, January 21, 2015

How To Host A Memorable Girls' Night In

I love my girlfriends and having them in my life is just so important. But, what's even more important is making the time to spend with them! Sometimes, a good, old-fashioned girls' night is exactly what you need! In fact, two weekends ago, I hosted a Girls' Night In with 6 friends of mine and it was an absolute blast. 
So here are my tips to throwing an awesome party for your girlfriends:

1. Plan A Main Activity:
Determine the activity or event that will be the focus of your party. A few options include a Mary Kay Party, Movie Viewing, Passion Party, or Spa Night. It's best to plan the start of this about an hour after you've told guests to arrive; that way, they have some extra time to arrive and settle in before the festivities. 

2. Create a Signature Cocktail:
Figure out what beverages you're going to serve and even put together a signature drink (whether it's alcoholic or non.) For example, Sangria is fun and easy to make in large quantities. For an added touch, make a drink that is in line with the party theme; here's a drink called the Glamorous Girl! 

3. Decide on the Menu:
Think about whether you want appetizers, entrees, a 3 course meal or just desserts, and stick with it. Many guests will usually bring a dish of their own, so making just a few solid options should be enough. Just be sure to let the guests know what to expect in terms of food. Should they eat before they arrive? Should they come hungry? Give them a little heads-up in this area and everyone will be happy!

4. Don't Forget to Decorate:
You can have so much fun with this part of the party! Go full out and decorate with a particular theme in mind, or just add a couple balloons and fun napkins to enhance the ambiance. 

Bonus- Hand out Party Favors:
Depending on the number of guests that are attending, this one could be too much of a task. But if you're inviting less than 10, a small "thanks for coming" gift will really excite your friends! For my girls' night in, I gave each guest a Valentine's Day cocktail glass filled with candy.

Have you ever thrown a girls' night?! How was the experience?

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