Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The 5 Best Flash Deal Sites for Everything You Need (and even the things you don't!)

Flash Deal sites are fun, exciting and completely practical! They run deals for a limited amount of time and it's up to you to snag them while you can! I've purchased some of my best jewelry, clothing and electronic items from flash deal sites and they're great for gifts as well. So check out my list of the Best Flash Deal Sites for Everything You Need (and even the things you don't!)

I've written about GroopDealz in the past, primarily because it's my absolute favorite flash deal site! They have everything. You can get jewelry, home decor, clothing and so much more! All at ridiculously inexpensive prices.

Another site that I've posted about in this past. This is my go-to flash deal site for jewelry. I've gotten fabulous rings, bangle bracelets and necklaces for dirt cheap. I must say, they're also pretty great quality! Perfect for gifting too!

This site is very similar to GroopDealz but definitely worth checking out, as well. The deals feature everything from accessories to technologies to fabulous clothing items. The prices are out of this world and the deals are updated every single day. 

So this site must come with a warning- don't visit unless you are prepared to spend crazy amounts of time sorting through hundreds of amazing deals!!!! My most recent purchases on this site have included sunglasses and LED light up earrings. My next purchase, probably an awesome hammock that I found for $19.99. With these kinds of deals, who needs the rack?!

Whiskey Militia: 
This website (and app) is definitely a favorite of my boyfriends. I think he's caved and bought 3 watches from here so far! But when you get deals this great, it's hard to say no! The site has clothing and accessories for both men and women. Most of the gear is inspired by athletes and the outdoors which makes it super cool and seasonal. 

What kinds of things have you scored through a flash deal?! Any sites I missed?

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