Friday, June 13, 2014

3 Bathing Suit Cover-Ups You NEED For Summer!

Ah, summer. Beaches and pools and bathing suits! But what do you wear over your bathing suit when coming and going? Shorts and a tank top? Sure, it works but how about something that's convenient, comfortable and fashionable? Below I've listed out the 3 Bathing Suit Cover-Ups You NEED This Summer! 

What's the best thing about summer cover up dresses? The fact that anything goes! In fact, you probably already have a dress or two (or five) in your closet that are perfect! I like to look for dresses that are super casual and made out of light, breathable fabric. There are just so many different styles that would look great thrown over a bathing suit. These dresses also transition effortlessly from the beach to a cookout to a night out on the town! Comfort, convenience and versatility equals the combination for a PERFECT summer cover-up.
Photo credit from top to bottom, left to right: SwimSpot, WhoWhatWear, PacSun, and Nordstrom

Rompers are so great! They're still one article of clothing, yet they act as both shorts and a shirt! They're an ideal way to be casual and fashionable at the same time. Plus, being one piece, they're perfect for covering up a bathing suit at the beach or the pool! I absolutely adore these two rompers below. Can you say SUMMER!?
Photo credit from left to right: Victoria's Secret and Necessary Clothing

Kimonos are a fairly newer trend. I love the way they look with some shorts and boho accessories. However, I think my favorite way to wear them is over a bathing suit. Picture this: you're at the beach and it gets a bit breezy; sun goes behind the clouds and you really need something to cover up your exposed skin. Well, how nice would it be to grab your large, over sized kimono and wrap it around you! Doesn't that sounds amazing?! Plus, they look ridiculously awesome and you're sure to stand out among the crowd. 
Photo credit from left to right: SereiClothing and ASOS

How do you rock your summer cover-ups?

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