Tuesday, May 13, 2014

5 (MORE) Apps to Keep You Well-Rounded

Staying well-rounded is not always easy or fun, but I've compiled a list of 5 MORE Apps to Keep You Well-Rounded (because the original 5 were just not enough!) These apps are fun, entertaining and totally practical. 


Probably once I day I'm Googling "How To..." There are so many tutorials out there on how to do pretty much anything and Snapguide has it all in one place. Find everything from "How to Take a Good Selfie" to "How to Save Phone Battery Life" and even "How to Make an Oreo Milkshake!" Browse through so many topics and save them to your own customized "guides." Then, you can go back later and check it out! Snapguide has all of the positives of Pinterest but focuses on DIY topics. This app will definitely help you develop your more creative side!
snapguide screenshotsnapguide screenshot

Habits are a tricky thing. It can take such a short time to develop bad habits and a long time to break them. Vice versa goes for good habits- easy to break and long to form! So how the heck are we supposed to keep up with our good habits and stay away from our bad?! Well, Lift is an app to help you track your habits- the good, the bad and the ugly. Choose from different habits that you're trying to break like smoking or snacking, as well as good habits like exercising and saving money. Then, track each time you do (or don't do) one of the habits. The app gives you stats and allows you to interact with other users for encouragement!

lift screenshotlift screenshot

This app is just awesome. UberFacts gives you completely random and totally fun facts and statistics from a bunch of different categories. Read facts about everything from Film & TV to History to Celebrities. Not only is this app super cool and interesting, but you'll be able to really wow people at your next social gathering. With a fact like "There's more alcohol in mouthwash than in wine" you'll definitely sound super smart and impressively interesting.

uberfacts screenshot

This is definitely the best way to learn or practice a language for free. Duolingo teaches you vocabulary, sentence formation and more using fun games and quizzes. Learn languages like Spanish, Italian, French, German and so many more! I minored in Spanish in college and I love using this app to keep up my language skills. It really is a fun and convenient way to learn!

duolingo screenshotduolingo screenshot

How to Cook Everything:
Based on a best selling book, this free app features thousands of recipes right at your fingertips. Search recipes by key ingredient, cooking technique, or style. You can also narrow your search by recipe type including fast, make ahead, vegetarian or essential. Also, save favorites and create specialized grocery lists. If you're terrible at cooking (like I am) this app can help you a ton! Or, if you're a great cook, you can have some real fun with new recipes at How to Cook Everything.

how to cook everything screenshothow to cook everything screenshot

If you like this list, be sure to check out the original 5 Apps to Keep You Well-Rounded!

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