Friday, May 30, 2014

How to Keep Your Eyes Looking Young, Fresh & Radiant

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

We all know that the area around the eyes is so sensitive. It's affected by smiling, crying, makeup applications, makeup removals, wiping, squinting; basically everything you do with your face affects the area around your eyes! This ultimately leads to redness, puffiness, and premature wrinkles... and who wants that!?

So a product like InstaNatural Youth Expressive Eye Gel is really helpful to both prevent and remove these unwanted side affects of... well... being a human being!

The product uses Plant Stem Cells, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil to help you achieve plump, firm and radiant eyes! It's so easy too! All you have to do is apply the serum to the sensitive areas around your eyes and forehead in the morning and again at night. You can even use it all over your face on any troubled areas you want to address. The other great part... a little goes a long way so a bottle will last for such a long time!

Now, I haven't used this product long enough to witness the long-term effects of the serum. However, I do notice a different in redness and puffiness almost immediately after application. Not to mention, the gel feels so nice on irritated skin!

All in all, I've had great experiences with this product so far. I've started religiously using it in the morning and at night; hopefully I will soon reap the long-term results, as well! 

How do you keep your sensitive skin looking fresh and healthy?!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

My (20 Minute) Memorial Day Look

The best part of summer is definitely the holidays. Between Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day, we truly have reasons to celebrate our wonderful country and the people who have defended it. This celebration usually comes in the form of BBQs, beach houses or pool parties. Either way, chances are you'll be outside enjoying the beautiful and HOT weather!

This is why I knew that for Memorial Day, I needed an easy, low maintenance and totally festive look! 

My Memorial Day Look
The lipstick may look pinkish in the picture, but I promise you, it was bright red!!
Let's first start with the hair. Humidity and wind does not mix well with my hair so I decided to go with big and messy! All I used was a straightening iron and hairspray to get this volatilized, tousled do. Check out this great tutorial by The Style Blog and learn how to get this hair for yourself!

As for makeup-- sunshine and high temperatures usually mean sweat! Which is obviously not fun and not so makeup friendly. So, I stuck with the basics. Foundation with SPF and eyeliner first. Then came the holiday fun! Sticking with the patriotic theme, I added my favorite Royal Blue mascara and some summery 24 hour Red Lip Color. This makeup was quick and easy to apply and really lasted all day, through drinking, eating and maybe just a little sweating!

Maybelline Royal Blue Masccara
Covergirl 24 hour lipstick

The whole thing really only took about 20 minutes and as I said, it lasted all day long! I'll definitely be rocking this look all summer long! 

What look did you pull off for Memorial Day?

Monday, May 19, 2014

Nectar Sunglasses: My Summertime Staple

Nectar sunglasses
Sunshine and summertime... it's finally here! So, it's time to make sure that you're fully prepared! Suntan lotion, fabulous flip flops and OF COURSE an awesome and practical pair of sunglasses!!! 

I'll admit it, I'm a sunglasses junkie. I love all different styles, colors and shapes. But the one thing I won't budge on-- price. A nice pair can be SO expensive. That's why I was beyond excited when I found Nectar Sunglasses! The site has so many different styles for men AND women. And the best part... they're around $20-$30 each + free shipping!! High quality and low prices? Give me one of each!!

For myself, I purchased the Shred shades with a gray, cheetah print frame and purple-ish lenses. They're so cool and unlike any other sunglasses I've ever seen. I get so many compliments!

  Shred Sunglasses

 I also bought a pair for my boyfriend's birthday. The Pompeii sunglasses are a class black frame with lava orange lenses! He totally loves them.

Pompeii sunglasses

All in all, Nectar sunglasses are fashionable, inexpensive and great at blocking harmful rays. I'd say these are definitely summertime staples! So have some fun with your sunglasses selection and check out Nectar shades!

What is your summertime staple?!

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*Photos are either my own or were taken directly from the website.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Fun & Practical #GiftsForGrads + Enter to Win $500!

It's that time of year again. Weather is getting warmer, the school year is winding down and that can only mean one thing- GRADUATION. Whether it's a high school, college, or graduate school graduation, it's a HUGE accomplishment. So, CONGRATS TO ALL THE GRADS OUT THERE! And of course, congrats to all of the parents because it's definitely a joint accomplishment!

It seems like only yesterday I was graduating from my beloved Penn State where I was crying because I didn't want to leave! Now, 2 years later, I see what huge milestone my graduation really was and am so appreciate of my family members for making the drive and sitting through the calling of 600+ names!

Graduation is obviously something to celebrate and ebay wants you to celebrate the right way! They have a whole section dedicated to graduation gifts! They feature everything from jewelry to electronics to clothing apparel; basically everything you need to celebrate and to kick off you new chapter in life!

Browse though the gifts and even create your own collections or wish list! I made two collections: one dedicated to my celebratory summer and the other is focused on setting me up for success in the real world! Check out some of the items I chose!

Whether you're a graduate (or soon to be graduate) making a wish list or the parent of a graduate making an idea list, ebay offers fabulous ideas and products at great prices! This makes gift-buying so quick and easy. In fact, if you make a collection with the hashtag #GiftsForGrads in the title, you'll automatically be entered to win $500 to shop on ebay! Um, yes please!!

Browse the #GiftsForGrads guide:

So throw those caps into the air and let ebay help you celebrate!
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Sweepstakes open until June 15, 2014

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

5 (MORE) Apps to Keep You Well-Rounded

Staying well-rounded is not always easy or fun, but I've compiled a list of 5 MORE Apps to Keep You Well-Rounded (because the original 5 were just not enough!) These apps are fun, entertaining and totally practical. 


Probably once I day I'm Googling "How To..." There are so many tutorials out there on how to do pretty much anything and Snapguide has it all in one place. Find everything from "How to Take a Good Selfie" to "How to Save Phone Battery Life" and even "How to Make an Oreo Milkshake!" Browse through so many topics and save them to your own customized "guides." Then, you can go back later and check it out! Snapguide has all of the positives of Pinterest but focuses on DIY topics. This app will definitely help you develop your more creative side!
snapguide screenshotsnapguide screenshot

Habits are a tricky thing. It can take such a short time to develop bad habits and a long time to break them. Vice versa goes for good habits- easy to break and long to form! So how the heck are we supposed to keep up with our good habits and stay away from our bad?! Well, Lift is an app to help you track your habits- the good, the bad and the ugly. Choose from different habits that you're trying to break like smoking or snacking, as well as good habits like exercising and saving money. Then, track each time you do (or don't do) one of the habits. The app gives you stats and allows you to interact with other users for encouragement!

lift screenshotlift screenshot

This app is just awesome. UberFacts gives you completely random and totally fun facts and statistics from a bunch of different categories. Read facts about everything from Film & TV to History to Celebrities. Not only is this app super cool and interesting, but you'll be able to really wow people at your next social gathering. With a fact like "There's more alcohol in mouthwash than in wine" you'll definitely sound super smart and impressively interesting.

uberfacts screenshot

This is definitely the best way to learn or practice a language for free. Duolingo teaches you vocabulary, sentence formation and more using fun games and quizzes. Learn languages like Spanish, Italian, French, German and so many more! I minored in Spanish in college and I love using this app to keep up my language skills. It really is a fun and convenient way to learn!

duolingo screenshotduolingo screenshot

How to Cook Everything:
Based on a best selling book, this free app features thousands of recipes right at your fingertips. Search recipes by key ingredient, cooking technique, or style. You can also narrow your search by recipe type including fast, make ahead, vegetarian or essential. Also, save favorites and create specialized grocery lists. If you're terrible at cooking (like I am) this app can help you a ton! Or, if you're a great cook, you can have some real fun with new recipes at How to Cook Everything.

how to cook everything screenshothow to cook everything screenshot

If you like this list, be sure to check out the original 5 Apps to Keep You Well-Rounded!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

5 Apps to Keep you Well-Rounded

With a mini-computer full of endless possibilities in the palm of our hands on a daily basis, we have so much opportunity to make ourselves' better. I mean, who doesn't want to be a well-rounded individual with control and knowledge in all aspects of their life. There are so many great ways to keep yourself well-rounded without wasting time and money. Use the following free apps in your everyday life to manage, interact and stay up-to-date!

Let's face it; we all need to focus more on the positives in life. We are sometimes surrounded by so much negativity that it's hard to appreciate the simple joys. Well, thank goodness there's the Happier app. This social media site encourages you to "Share Happy" by posting updates or photos, called moments, about what makes you happy! You can also interact with friends by tagging them in a post or by "Smiling" at or commenting on someone's moment. Lastly, the app makes is easy to share with friends on other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. So smile a little extra each day and use Happier to appreciate the small pleasures in life!

Okay, so anyone who is NOT in a relationship is totally going to GAG at this app. But personally, I think it's super cute and really useful. Avocado is an app for couples that allows you to chat within the app, share photos, send hugs and kisses and more! My favorite features include the ability to create lists, the shared calendar and automatic alerts when your significant other's phone is about to die. I feel like this app is not only practical but it also keeps a little fun in your relationship; I mean, who doesn't love little secret text conversations with their beau!?

Do you love reading blogs as much as I do? Well, I hope so considering you're reading this one right now! We all know how easy it is to lose track of your favorite blogs or to miss posts on great topics but Bloglovin is an app that lets you track your blogs and posts! Follow your favorite blogs through the app and it will keep a live feed for you, displaying all new posts by those you follow. Easily like a post through the app to save it to your favorites or share it on social media. Also, connect with friends and other users to see what blogs and posts they like too. Bloglovin makes it easy for me to check out new posts once a day and store my favorites for later.

Now, you've probably seen or heard me talk about EasilyDo before but it really is the best app to manage your life! Acting as your own personal assistant, EasilyDo is completely customizable and can send you alerts about everything from weather, to traffic to birthdays and so much more! It integrates your social media sites, email, gps and other apps to help you track your life, all at the press of a button. And the best part- EasilyDo is always adding new features and do-it's so things are sure to stay exciting and make your life even easier! 

Flipboard is probably one of the best designed apps I've ever seen. It acts as your personal magazine by pulling articles from news sources like CNN & Buzzfeed, as well as from your social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. It pulls relevant news stories, according to the categories that you designate as interests. While flipping through different articles and stories, you can subscribe to your favorite news sources, magazines and blogs. You can also save stories to read later or easily share them with your friends. The interface is so high def and easy to use; to visit another story, all you have to do is swipe up to flip! This is a perfect app for the smartphone user who likes to stay up to date on the latest events and trends.

Stay tuned for the follow up post featuring 5 (MORE) Apps to Keep You Well-Rounded!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Stay Safe & Sassy with Damsel in Defense

Did you know...

"1 in 5 women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetimes.
College age women are 4 times more likely to be assaulted.
Every 2 minutes someone in the US is sexually assaulted.
One aggravated assault occurs every 35 seconds."*

While these statistics may be alarming, I don't find them entirely surprising. As a woman, I sometimes think about the fact that 99% of the time if someone wanted to hurt me, they could. It's a scary thought but you don't have to feel that way anymore! C'mon Ladies, time to load up and prepare for ANY negative situation!!

Damsel in Defense is a line of products that I first found featured on the Elvis Duran Morning Show's What's Trending section. The company was founded in 2011 by two moms who's first priority was safety and protection. They wanted to make products that were practical and fashionable at the same time! They're mission is to Ewuip, Empower, and Educate women all over the country so that we can fight back against criminals and predators. Check out some of their AMAZING products that are both safe and sassy!!!

Junk in the Trunk Auto Emergency Kit
The Junk in the Trunk Auto Emergency Kit is perfect to keep in the trunk of your car. It has everything you need in case your car breaks down or you're stuck in a pickle! The adorable pink bag includes everything from pink jumper cables to a first aid kit, an emergency blanket, water pouches and so much more! The kit also includes reflector tape and other things to alert people that you are in trouble. Everything you need to feel safe and prepared!

Call me Crazy stun gun
This is no ordinary cell phone. Though it may look small and toyish, the Call me Crazy Stun Gun will most likely bring any grown man to his knees. Sure, it sounds a bit extreme but you never know when you're going to need some major weaponry. Another cool thing about the stun gun-- it emits a noise that may be enough to deter the attacker without you even having to use it!

hot lil hand pepper spray
The company sells all different types of pepper spray but this one is the most intriguing. The Hot Lil Hand Spray is made for runners or for even walking at night. No need to fumble in your purse for your spray when it's already in your hand. Not to mention, the locking piece at the top is glow in the dark so even at night, it will be 100% functional. Spray in an attacker's face and it will disorient them long enough for you to get away.

So arm yourself and instead of being a Damsel in Distress... BE A DAMSEL IN DEFENSE! As the tagline says, Because you carry your knight in shining armor in your purse!

How kickass are these products?! Do you carry any type of defense mechanism around with you or have you ever been in a position when you've used one? I'd love to know! Comment below!
*Statistic taken from the Damsel in Defense website
**All photos were taken from the official Damsel in Defense website. 
***I am in no way affiliated with the company. All opinions and views expressed are my own.