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The Top Ten Hidden Gems of Netflix

The Top Ten Hidden Gems of Netflix

Netflix Instant Streaming is filled with movies of all different genres, plot lines and ratings. But sometimes, you really have to dig to find the winners! With such a busy life, blowing off steam should be easy. I mean, who has time to search through the whole database to find something to watch?! That's why, after years of using the service, I've compiled my list of the Top Ten Hidden Gems on Netflix! Including comedies, dramas and family films, these movies are sure to impress you! 
What to Expect When You're Expecting Movie Cover
What To Expect When You're Expecting (PG-13):
So many great, famous people in this movie, so how could it go wrong! The movie follows different story lines of women and their partners having children. This romantic comedy is hilarious and probably pretty darn accurate! Perfect for a Friday night in with a glass of wine!

Fargo movie cover
Fargo (R):
This Cohen Brother's film is certainly not for the faint of heart. It's definitely more of a dark thriller and there is some violent and graphic scenes. The story follows a couple criminals who kidnap a woman and the chase to find her. Great plot and great movie all around.

Safety Not Gaurenteed Movie Cover
Safety Not Guaranteed (R):
Starring Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Rec) and Jake Johnson (New Girl.) A man takes out an ad in the paper looking for someone to accompany him on his journey back in time. With a desire to write a story on the piece, a couple of newspaper journalists answer the ad and train with him for his journey. It's a lighthearted, romantic and even somewhat sci-fyish movie. This is an absolute great one! Definitely underrated.

Hit & Run Movie Cover
Hit & Run (R):
My favorite part about this movie? It's the when Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell (who are now married) first met. And you can totally see their natural chemistry! This action-comedy revolves around a couple and the guy's troubled past. He breaks out of the witness protection program to drive his fiancee to LA for a job opportunity. They have to evade criminals, all while working on their relationship. Can't recommend this hilarious movie enough!

The Frighteners Movie Cover
The Frighteners (R):
This 1996 supernatural comedy, starring Michael J. Fox, is so different than any other film I've ever seen. The main character uses his ability to communicate with the dead to boost his "spirit cleansing" business and solve crimes. It's definitely a dark comedy that will have you laughing, cringing and scratching your head all at the same time!

Daddy Day Care Movie Cover
Daddy Day Care (PG-13):
Probably one of the best family films I have ever seen. Eddie Murphy leads a group of dads who start their own day care business. They deal with bratty kids, snotty noses and crazy parents. It's definitely a movie that's fun for the whole family and one of my favorites.  

Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil Movie Cover
Tucker and Dale vs. Evil (R):
Now, stay with me on this one. My boyfriend tried to get me to watch this movie forever and I never would because I HATE horror/slasher films. Finally, one day, I caved and watched it. First let me say, it's not at all what I expected! It's actually a pretty funny comedy, with some blood and gore, of course. Tucker and Dale are two innocent, kind men who cross paths with a group of young twentysomethings while camping. Things continuously go wrong for the twentysomethings and thanks to bad luck and stupidity, they die one by one... the whole time thinking that it's Tucker and Dale who are the killers! Watch this movie with an open mind and I'm sure you'll think it's funny and clever, as well!

The Boy in Striped Pajamas Movie Cover
The Boy In Striped Pajamas (PG-13):
A heavy movie, this is set in the time of Hitler, the Nazi's and Jewish concentration camps. It follows an innocent young boy living in Germany. He befriends a little Jewish boy through a concentration camp fence. This is 100% a tear-jerker but nonetheless, is a great movie that depicts the true tragedy of this through a child's uncorrupted eyes.

Saved Movie Cover
Saved! (PG-13):
This hilarious movie is a comedy starring Jenna Malone, Mandy Moore and McCaulay Culkin. It focuses on a school of highly religious students & faculty and a group of outcasts coming of age & struggling with their own problems. It's a great movie that's over the top and totally funny.

Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas Movie Cover
Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas (NR):
Based on the best-selling book by Nicholas Patterson (which, by the way, is absolutely amazing and you should totally read it) this story is about a woman whose boyfriend leaves her unexpectedly. She, then finds a diary written to her boyfriend from a woman names Suzanne. This story is incredible and is definitely an emotional roller coaster so be warned! Christina Applegate stars. 

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Have you seen any of these films? What did you think? What are your favorite Netflix movies?!

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