Monday, April 14, 2014

Transform Your Shoes with Heel Condoms

Obviously as a FABULOUS lady, you can never have enough shoes! I pretty much buy any shoe that fits, is comfortable and looks great! But who has time to shop for shoes to match every outfit!? I sure don't! In fact, I have a few key pairs of shoes that are tried and tested. They don't hurt when I walk, they're a comfortable heel height, and they match almost every outfit. The only problem is... THAT GETS SO BORING! So imagine my delight when I discovered an absolute solution to my shoe dilemma... HEEL CONDOMS!

Heel Condoms come in all styles and colors and fit over almost any shoe with a heel. I love the black and pearl style that I bought! You can tie it a couple of different ways and it definitely adds some spice. I wore them to work last week and got so many compliments! Check out how I styled my Heel Condoms the first time I ever wore them!

These Heel Condoms simply slip over your heel and allow you to tie them however you want. They really worked well with these shoes and totally jazzed them up. Here's how I took some of my other shoes and styled them, as well:

Aren't they amazing?! And so versatile! They're definitely my new favorite accessory. Visit to check out all of their styles. Below are some of my personal favorites:

 Aren't these a FABULOUS accessory!? Which are your favorite?

I am in no way affiliated with Heel Condoms and received no form of compensation for this post. All opinions are my own. Photos are my own and from the Heel Condoms official website. 

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