Tuesday, April 29, 2014

5 Ways to Further Your Career, Without Lifting a Finger!

Whether you're a college student preparing to step into the work world, or a successful businesswoman who is always keeping an eye out for the next opportunity, there are ways to get yourself out there without spending all of your time browsing job boards and writing cover letters. I know, firsthand, that looking for a job can be a full-time job in itself! And unless you have time to apply to positions every day from 8-5, you'll need to find other ways to advertise your brand, skills and experiences.

As a Recruiter, I have gained knowledge that I wish I had known when job hunting for myself. Tips, tricks and trends are easy to learn from any article or advice column; however, the best thing I have learned is how to get your resume and experience to work FOR YOU, instead of the other way around.

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DISCLAIMER: Okay, okay so there is a little bit of mouse-clicking here. So these ways are not ENTIRELY fingerless. But I'm sure you can handle a click here and a click there to save some major time and energy!!

1. Post your resume.
Recruiters use databases to pull in appropriate resumes based on keyword selections. So by simply posting your updated resume to job boards like Monster, Dice, Indeed and CareerBuilder, you could be exposing your resume to thousands of databases and Recruiters... who may be looking for someone just like you! Can't get much easier than this!

2. Update Your LinkedIn.
According to a Bullhorn survey, 93.7% of Recruiters used LinkedIn as a recruiting tool in 2012 (I'm on LinkedIn on a daily basis!) So, be sure to keep your information totally updated and continuously connect with family, friends, business acquaintances, people who share similar professional interests and people who you would like to work with. This is another easy one because you don't have to check LinkedIn every day like some other social media sites. In fact, you can set notifications to come to your email inbox so that you never miss a message or connection opportunity!

3. Create business cards.
Not employed? So what! Create your own business cards that represent your personal AND professional brand. I did this after I graduated from college; not only did my cards impress my acquaintances time and time again, it made me completely memorable, which is definitely something you want in this competitive job market. Your cards should display your contact information and even a brief summary about who you are and what you're looking for. And don't forget to get creative! My business cards were focused on a career in Public Relations so of course, I had a microphone graphic with a red background! Again, this made my card stand out among the rest. I created and printed my personalized cards using VistaPrint.

4. Seize networking opportunities.
Use any interaction or conversation as a networking opportunity. Whether at a professional function, a personal party or even a quick conversation at the grocery store, you never know when a door will open and who could open that door for you. In fact, a conversation could be a perfect time for you to hand out a business card and connect with them on LinkedIn later. Trust me, this will really pay off down the line!!

5. Spread the word.
According to InterviewSuccessFormula.com, there were 3.6 million job openings at the end of 2012; however, about 80% of these available jobs were never advertised. This means that, most likely, 80% of these positions were filled by an employee referral. (A.K.A. It's all about who you know!) So spread the word. Tell friends, family, acquantances that you are looking and what you are looking for. You never know who will refer you to a position or who will pass on a perfect job posting that you may have never seen!

Follow these steps and let them work their magic! Using this passive method may take some time, but it will DEFINITELY pay off in the end. Just always remember, YOU are a hot commodity and companies should WANT YOU to work for them! Making solid first impressions through your resume, business cards, a LinkedIn Profile and networking is beyond important and will serve you and your career well.

So make things easy on yourself and further your career by following these easy steps. Now, take a deep breath, turnaround and go do something productive with all this time you saved!
Good Luck, Ladies!

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