Friday, March 28, 2014

My 5 Favorite Do-It's of EasilyDo

I wrote about the EasilyDo app before in my Apps To Keep You On Track post but really, I can't recommend it enough. In fact, I believe in the app so much, I serve as a voluntary Brand Ambassador for them! Let me assure you, I would never agree to such a thing unless I totally and fully believed in the service, product and mission of the company. They revolve entirely around making users' lives easier... which of course is something I'm completely behind! I mean, isn't that what we're all looking for-- ease and simplicity in our every day lives!? Check out below how much time EasilyDo has saved me in just 9 months!

This is why you NEED to download the free app and try it out. The app connects to your contacts, calendar, email, social media sites, GPS and more! It manages your entire life within the one app and sends you notifications and reminders as needed. With so many awesome features, it's tough to describe them all! So, instead, I've compiled my 5 Favorite Do Its!

1. Daily Commute Estimates: Add your home address and your work address to the app; set a time to notify (I set mine for 30 minutes before I plan to leave for work.) The app will use real-time GPS, weather and traffic updates to notify you of your commute time. Every morning, at 7:30am, I get a notification that usually says 14 minutes.
2. Package Tracking: EasilyDo integrates with your email so when you receive a tracking/shipping number, the app will track it for you!
3. Important Facebook Posts: Too busy to access Facebook on a daily basis? But you still want to stay up to date on your friends' new jobs, pregnancy announcements, engagement photos, etc? EasilyDo will collect important and noteworthy posts from your Facebook friends and you can even like/comment from within the EasilyDo app!
4. Calendar Reminders: Meeting, Party, Event? EasilyDo will make sure that you remember. It will send notifications like "You have a Business Meeting in 15 minutes." It's great for remembering conference calls, webinars, etc.!
5. Add Contact Info from Email: Receive an email from a new contact? EasilyDo will seamlessly integrate their information (like phone number, email, address, etc.) into your phone contact list. How could it get any easier?!

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