Monday, March 24, 2014

For the Ladies: A Strong Beer with a Sweet Taste

For all of my beer lovers out there, you've most likely heard of the Victory Brewing Company. They're most well known for beers like HopDevil, HeadWaters, Storm King, DirtWolf, and of course, Golden Monkey. Now, I've never been a fan of Golden Monkey. It's Belgian-style Tripel made with whole flower European hops and coriander seed and is pretty strong tasting at 9.5% alcohol. So, when my boyfriend's friends wanted to go to Victory Brewing Company (in Downingtown) this past Saturday for the White Monkey Release Breakfast, I wasn't super thrilled about the new twist on the classic ale.

Now, White Monkey is the classic Golden Monkey ale, aged in white wine, chardonnay barrels. This has infused a lighter and sweeter taste to the beer. While it still registers at a whopping 9.5% alcohol content, it really is delicious! I was shocked as to how much I really enjoyed the White Monkey. While at the brewing company, we enjoyed an awesome brunch and celebrated this new release! We even bought some awesome swag including this Golden Monkey glass and a new t-shirt for Jimmy! 

Keep in mind, White Monkey will only be available for a limited time so check out to see where you can get it near you! Again, this is totally a beer I'd recommend for women. Just be careful with that 9.5% or before you know it, White Monkey will put you on your butt!! 

Also, if you've never visited the Victory Brewery in Downtingtown, PA, I highly recommend it. They offer brewery tours, have great merchandise for super reasonable prices and have an entire large restaurant and bar. I had a ton of fun at the Release Breakfast and will definitely be looking forward to seeing White Monkey in my local establishments. 

Looking for more information? Check out this article all about the brewing methods and beer composition!

Are you a female beer drinker? What kinds of beer do you prefer?!

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