Monday, February 10, 2014

Free Yourself of Your Ex & Make Some Cash Doing It!

Valentine's Day is a beautiful holiday dedicated to love and romance. But not everyone has great experiences when it comes to relationships. In fact, mementos that may have once been lovely and meaningful, may now serve as a painful or annoying reminder of a past connection and the emotions involved. So, this Valentine's Day, free yourself of all painful memories from the ghosts of relationships past on allows you to buy, sell and trade just that-- jewelry, handbags and other mementos that were given to you from an old beau. On the flip side, this is a GREAT marketplace to buy high quality jewelry from others at a severely discounted price! Get jewelry from Tiffany's, Betsey Johnson and more, all while helping out a fellow gal so needs to get rid of it and make some money at the same time. Check out some of the current deals on the site:

Enjoy this V-day to the fullest by selling your old, baggage-carrying items, and make a little cash while your at it! is a simple and trustworthy place to do just this. 

 How do you get over an ex? What have you done with Ex-boyfriend jewelry in the past?

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