Sunday, January 12, 2014

Pairing Fashion with Diamonds

Brilliant Earth is a San Francisco based jewelry company whose primary focus is providing high quality, conflict-free diamonds. Their rings, necklaces and earrings are stunning and the styles are all so different. They're also really involved in the fight about blood diamonds and that's definitely something we can all get behind!

So every week, Brilliant Earth works with bloggers on a Personality Style Challenge. It's a really fun way to pair your fashion personalty with your jewelry personality into one awesome style board. This week, I participated and choose from the following list of personalities and their Brilliant Earth jewelry counterparts. 
Brilliant Earth Style Personalities
Of course, I chose "Glamorous Like Stilettos and Glitter" because I absolutely love the flashy bling that goes with it! From there, I created a complete style board with outfits and accessories to match these va-va-va-voom diamonds. The color theme is shiny silver and sleek black with a pop of red! I mean, you know jewelry like this needs a night out on the town!

My Brilliant Earth GLAM style board!
Brilliant Earth Glam Style Board
Featuring the following Brilliant Earth jewelry comprised of ethically sourced diamonds:
  • 18k White Gold Pavé Eclipse Diamond Earrings
  • 18k White Gold Sienna Diamond Ring
  • 18k White Gold Pavé Diamond Infinity Pendant

Which Brilliant Earth personality are you?

This post is part of Brilliant Earth's Weekly Personality Style Challenge. I am in no way affiliated with Brilliant Earth & received no compensation for this post. All views & expressions are my own.

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