Tuesday, January 28, 2014

5 Tips for a Perfect SuperBowl Bash

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It's that time of the year again. When people go absolutely crazy yelling, screaming and jumping... all in the name of football. But whether you're a sports fanatic or someone (like myself) who just loves the fun social aspect of it all, a successful SuperBowl party is a must! Did you know that more people throw SuperBowl parties at their house then even New Years parties!? That's crazy!

Well don't waste your week stressing and prepping for Sunday night's madness. Stick to these 5 Tips for a Perfect SuperBowl Bash.

1. Make it a potluck:
On a Sunday night, there's no reason for this to be any kind of "formal" party. Things are so much easier and so much more fun if every guest brings something! Then you can get a variety of great food without spending all weekend slaving over a stove or breaking the bank by ordering out.

2. Stick to beer:
If a guest wants wine or liquor, I'm sure they won't mind bringing their own as long as you tell them beforehand. But on a Sunday night, a few beers is perfect for a fun party that guests can still drive home after. Unless everyone calls in sick the next day, I doubt guests will be trying to throw back shots of fireball whisky. So, I say, stick to beer and keep everyone happy!

3. Have two sections for the party:
One section for game watchers with plenty of seats, tables and coasters. This section, of course, should be right in front of the TV. Then have another area for those (like myself) who really aren't into the game and would rather socialize! This section would be great in a kitchen area or near the food. By having two different sections, the game-watchers won't be annoyed by the talking and the socializers won't have yelling and high fives interrupting their conversations. Again, this will be sure to keep everyone happy all game long.

4. Get into the game with Super Bowl Squares:
This is a fun, easy game that requires no skill or knowledge of football. This makes it perfect for EVERYONE at your party to participate. All you have to do is set up the grid before the game starts and monitor throughout the quarters. Decide the "cost" of each square then participants can purchase as many as they want. Now, you have a solid pot that up to 4 people can win from! This is a great way to keep everyone excited and involved throughout the entire night.

Not familiar with Super Bowl Squares? Check out exactly how to play here:

5. Keep cleanup easy with paper plates:
By the time the game is over and all of your guests finally leave, it could be close to midnight. If you're a normal human being who has to start your work week the next day, you certainly don't have two hours to spend cleaning up. I mean, c'mon, you need to get your energy sleep! Save yourself from this late-night pain by using paper plates and plastic silverware. This will make clean up a breeze. Also, make sure you have clear trash and recycling bags so guests can do their own cleanup throughout the night! In fact, usually the only reason that guests WOULD leave plates or beer cans sitting out is because they don't know where else to put them. So if you make it clear, I'm sure they'll have no problem acting like gracious adults and picking up after themselves.

Are you hosting a SuperBowl party this year, or attending one?! What tips and tricks have worked best for you in the past?

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