Monday, December 23, 2013

On The Fly Guide to Holiday Entertaining: Classy Cocktails

It's finally time for my favorite and final post in the On The Fly Guide to Holiday Entertaining-- Festive & Classy Cocktails! Each of these drinks are so easy to make and only use a few key ingredients. My advice for your holiday get-together is to have wine, beer and a signature cocktail. Many of these drinks are easy to make in a large batch, which is ideal throughout the night. No need to play bartender when everything is already prepared :) Try out these delicious drinks on your own, or with friends, and enjoy the holiday season to its fullest!

The Weary Chef has a great recipe for a twist on a classic cocktail. A Cranberry Mimosa! This is probably one of the easiest holiday drinks to make. Three ingredients and you can drink this at your holiday brunch, Christmas dinner or your New Years bash! Thanks to for photo & recipe!

Cranberry Juice
Frozen Cranberries


Fill glass almost to the top with champagne.
Add a splash of cranberry juice and a few frozen cranberries. 
The cranberries will also serve as ice cubes and chill the drink for you!

Another festive and delicious drink is this Holiday Sangria recipe
from Decor and the Dog. It's literally two liquids and some fruit! Perfect if you want to make a large pitcher for all of your guests. Photo & Recipe credit to


White wine
Sparkling apple cider or apple juice
Pomegranate seeds

Combine equal parts wine and cider.
Add cut up fruit to the liquid and that's it!

This treat has been one of my personal favorites for a while now. Basically an Adult Root Beer Float, this drink doubles as dessert and a cocktail! 2 in 1 deals over the holidays... I'm in! Photo credit:

Root beer
Three Olives Root Beer
Vanilla Ice Cream
Pour root beer over ice
Add Three Olives vodka to taste
Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream  

I also love this idea by Preston Bailey-- put the float into fancy champagne glasses for a totally classy, but fun holiday treat!

This last drink is one that I just recently discovered and is totally perfect for both fall and winter. I call it Caramel Apple Cider. It's absolutely delicious and tastes great when served cold or hot! Yum!
Apple cider
Smirnoff kissed caramel

Pour cider.
Add Smirnoff vodka to taste.
Add cut up apples.
Serve over ice or heated up in the microwave/stove.
Made this in a cauldron for our Halloween party and it was a HUGE hit! The bottom was dry by the end of the night.  

What are you favorite holiday cocktails?! I'd love to add some new recipes!

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