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On The Fly Guide to Holiday Entertaining: Festive Decorating

In my opinion, hosting festive get-togethers and parties is one of the best things about the holiday season. It's so fun to invite all of your family, friends, and co-workers over for a fun night! However, it's extremely easy for the party to get the best of you and for the stress of hosting to overshadow an enjoyable evening. For this reason, this is my first of a series of posts called the On The Fly Guide to Holiday Entertaining.

In this post, we'll cover the topic of Festive Decorating:

One of my favorite decorating tricks is remembering that accents are key. Little accents like ornaments from the ceiling, or strategically placed ribbons and bows keep things both festive and classy. I must give credit to my mother for the following decorations that are currently around the house. Aren't they simple, yet elegant and festive... what could be better?!

holiday decorating
holiday decorating
Photo Credit: Megan Tichonevicz
Centerpieces are another way to create themed stunning visuals that are sure to impress your guests. I love the first piece below that we have in our house. All you need is a vase, candle and either a purchased or DIY wreath. Or, take a tip from AldoVega by filling glass jars with holiday items like bows, ornaments or candy canes! Lastly, I love the creative use of wine glasses by As Long As Its Fancy. Try out any one of these ideas and be prepared for a giant WOW from each and every guest!

holiday centerpieces
Photo credit, Left to Right: Megan Tichonevicz,, &
Lastly, display cards are always a fun idea. Whether it's to arrange seating or display food options, finding a creative way to hold the cards will be sure to impress. My mother has these great little nutcrackers with slits in the head. We made the name tags with puffy paint and voila... we're prepared every year for Christmas dinner. I also LOVE this candy cane idea by Industrious Justice. Once again, so easy, affordable and perfect for the holiday season!

holiday display card ideas
Photo credit, Left to Right: Megan Tichonevicz &
Don't let the stress of hosting a party overshadow the fun. Remember, party decorating isn't about going overboard, but about just a few strong accents. Use these ideas to add some simple sparkle and flash to keep your guests feeling festive, classy and blown away all party long!

Thank you to, & for your photos and holiday inspiration!

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