Tuesday, November 19, 2013

5 Fall Fashion Must Haves

My favorite thing about a season change is the way fashion transitions with it. And, if you live around the Harrisburg area, you may have seen my fashion advice in The Patriot News. If not, check out my advice and photos on PennLive.com!

I was so inspired by this piece and of all the other participants' advice; therefore, I thought I would expand a little further on fall fashion that's easily transferable into the winter months as well. So I give you my FIVE FALL FASHION MUST-HAVES for 2013 year:

1. A Leather/Pleather Jacket: A jacket like this can be worn in so many ways and with so many outfits. Pair it with a some combats boots and an edgy hair style to bring out the inner badass, or just throw it over a cute, girl top for a totally sophisticated look. It's warm, practical and stylish-- the fall fashion trifecta!
Left to right: Photos & inspiration from Pop of Style & The Day Book

2. Scarves: Thick or thin, cottoned or sequined, simply solid or extravagantly patterned, all scarves are wonderful!!  Add them to a simple outfit or solid shirt for a cute pop or use one to bundle up for the freezing weather. Once again, scarves are totally stylish and one hundred percent practical. Check out all of these cool ways to tie any kind of scarf!
TIP: Can't find a necklace to match your outfit? Try a scarf instead!  
Top to bottom: Photos & inspiration from Groopdealz & Mae Badiyan

3. Tights: Not pantyhose, but TIGHTS. You know, those thick ones that you maybe last wore as a child! Well good news, they're totally back in style and come in all colors, patterns and textures. Throw them on with any skirt or dress and you can feel completely comfortable while also looking incredibly fashionable! That's a win-win in my book.
Photos by Daniel Zampogna & PennLive.com

4. Sweater Jackets: Throughout the fall and winter seasons, we are constantly traveling from cold outside weather to warm inside weather. Unfortunately, even the inside weather fluctuates so you have to always be prepared! This is why I LOVE having a couple great sweater jackets to throw on whenever I'm chilly, or to take off whenever I'm warm. Whether it's around the house, at work or out on the town, a sweater jacket almost always comes in handy. Don't have any? Invest in one that can transfer easily from at-home lounging to a professional working environment! 
P.S. The Aztec prints are my favorite! 
Left to Right: Photos & inspiration from The Cupcake Shop & ElfSacks

5. Boots: Short, high, leather, suede, flats, or heels, give me every boot you have! I'm not exaggerating when I say that my fall/winter shoe collection is FILLED with boots (even my slippers are boots!) I have a booties with a heel and another that are flat, as well as knee-highs with a heel and another flat pair! Then of course I have my FAVORITE boots, my Uggs. (I know that people have very strong opinions about them but I will publicly proclaim my love for Ugg boots wherever I go! They're like waking on clouds!!) So basically, find the boots that work for you and feel fabulous all season long. 

Photos by Daniel Zampogna & PennLive.com

Do you have any fall fashion staples that you can't live without?!

Thank you to the following people, companies & blogs for the above photos and fashion inspiration:

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