Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Add This App! Take a Breath and Stay CALM

Okay, ladies, I know that with your busy life and active lifestyle, it's hard to take a break! But we all know that some relaxation time is necessary to maintain our daily sanity! This is where the Calm app comes in. Use it as white noise to help you sleep, or listen to the six-nine minute relaxation guides. It's absolutely heavenly :)

calm app

Basically, download the app and choose between more than ten different scenes including the beach, rainforest, or mountains. Each plays a calming sound, as well as displays the serene scene itself (say that 5 times fast!) As I mentioned before, "guided calm" feature walks you through the "7 Steps of Calm." The most soothing female voice ever will walk you through guides and instructions that focus on things like posture, mindset, body, patience, and breath. She helps you to really think about your relaxation and almost turn it into more of a short meditation.

 calm app

Being a person who's brain is constantly in overdrive, the Calm app is a needed breath of fresh air for me. Think about it, just minutes of meditation/relaxation time a day can really make a difference! 

For those of you who don't have iPhones, check out the website Calm.com. It has even more features to keep you calm, relaxed and focused. So take a deep breath and relax for a few minutes. You deserve it!

What sounds calm you down? 

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