Sunday, August 18, 2013

Transforming Your Walls On The Fly

Decorating the walls of your house, apartment or room is not always easy or affordable. Let's face it, I'm not an artist and I'm not the most creative. I, also, don't have $200 to spend on large statement pieces or floor to ceiling wallpaper! So, recently, I've been looking for more fun, simple and inexpensive ways to decorate! With the following sites, techniques and ideas, you can customize the walls of any room with ease:
WallTat offers a variety of wall decals starting at $9.99. There are SO many different patterns, colors and styles to choose from. Create custom lettering, find a cute graphic or use a sophisticated pattern as a wall-paper alternative. It's affordable, easy and totally creative!!! WallTats are the best!
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Shadow Boxes

I first saw this idea on Pinterest and instantly loved it! For every trip you take, make a custom shadow box representing your memories! Actually, you could do this for almost anything. It's basically like making a small scrapbook page that can also contain three-dimensional items. Hang it on your wall and voila, an instant work of art that is not only sentimental, but looks awesome!
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 Free Printables

Featured on, this idea looks so chic and could NOT be any easier. First, purchase some inexpensive canvases from Michaels, whichever size you want. Trust me, they are not as expensive as you'd think! Then, print out your favorite quotes/pages (PinchingYourPennies offers three free printables here) and modge podge them to the canvas. THAT'S IT! Totally unique and totally chic. You can also customize them to fit with any decor or any room. Love this idea the most!!
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How do you decorate your walls? I would love some more ideas!

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