Thursday, August 29, 2013

JULEP: A Beauty Service That's Perfect for YOUR On-The-Go Lifestyle!

Okay, please tell me you've heard of Julep! NO? Then get ready for a life-changing, monthly service. BEAUTY DELIVERED STAIGHT TO YOUR DOOR!

So, you know those shoe places like where you pay monthly and receive a new pair of shoes. Well Julep is kind of like that, but for beauty products! Here's how it works:

Register as a Julep Maven and take the style quiz. This will customize products that are perfect for your style! Then, every month, check out your box online. Most boxes contain nail polishes and sometimes other fun beauty products. If you like your box, no need to do anything! It will be delivered right to your front door! And if you don't like it, either change your Maven style OR cancel for the month and you won't be charged.

My last box contained a deep ruby nail polish, a sparkly polish and one of the best mascaras I've ever used! Also, there was a travel size nail file AND travel nail polish remover pads. So cute and such good quality!!

I also really love their brand altogether. Check out part of their mission statement:

"Julep was created as a tribute to the girlfriends who tell it like it is. Who push us to take a break from the bob and try something a little more daring with our hair. Who give us the courage to pull that little black dress out from the back of the closet. Who insist that we have a little fun with our fashion and refuse to let us settle for ordinary. These are the girlfriends who shout, 'Go for the leopard print (or the fuchsia or the fake fur). You look fantastic and you only live once!'"

LOVE IT! C'mon, Ladies! Be daring and fun in the EASIEST, most CONVENIENT way possible! Sign up as a Julep Maven here! In fact, if you use the promo code FREEBOX, you'll get your first one FREE! Then, I guarantee you'll be hooked ;)

What monthly products are you subscribed to?!

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