Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Add this App! Don't Just Send Photos, Kicksend Them!

Printing photos isn't always quick and easy. You're either wasting valuable ink on your home printer, waiting for prints in the mail after your online order, OR standing at a store kiosk printing photos one-by-one. Well, don't worry, ladies; I have found KICKSEND, an On The Fly friendly app for printing your photos!

Follow these simple steps to print photos... right from your device!
  1. Download the free Kicksend app or visit the Kicksend website
  2. Choose whether you'd like to mail the prints to someone (free shipping when you order 10 or more) OR if you'd like to pick them up yourself
  3.  Allow Kicksend to access the photos on your device and choose from your own collection!
  4.  To send photos, enter the shipping address and payment info and you're all set!!
  5. If you would like to pickup, use the GPS cabability to find a location near you! You'll recieve an email when your prints are complete; then, just pay upon pickup! EASY PEAZY!

Sounds too good to be true; right? I thought the same, so I tested it out for myself! The first thing I liked during my trial, is the fact that you don't have to sign up to use their services!! PERFECT for a trial run. Next, the step-by-step process made everything easy and fast. It literally took me five minutes to order the prints from my phone. That same day I picked up my QUALITY prints from CVS! I was so very impressed with the service and with the app's simplicity. 

Kicksend has definitely solved a reoccurring inconvenience of mine! I will use it over and over and NEVER stand at a touch-screen photo kiosk again! YIPPEE!

So, remember, don't just hit send, KICKSEND!

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