Thursday, August 29, 2013

JULEP: A Beauty Service That's Perfect for YOUR On-The-Go Lifestyle!

Okay, please tell me you've heard of Julep! NO? Then get ready for a life-changing, monthly service. BEAUTY DELIVERED STAIGHT TO YOUR DOOR!

So, you know those shoe places like where you pay monthly and receive a new pair of shoes. Well Julep is kind of like that, but for beauty products! Here's how it works:

Register as a Julep Maven and take the style quiz. This will customize products that are perfect for your style! Then, every month, check out your box online. Most boxes contain nail polishes and sometimes other fun beauty products. If you like your box, no need to do anything! It will be delivered right to your front door! And if you don't like it, either change your Maven style OR cancel for the month and you won't be charged.

My last box contained a deep ruby nail polish, a sparkly polish and one of the best mascaras I've ever used! Also, there was a travel size nail file AND travel nail polish remover pads. So cute and such good quality!!

I also really love their brand altogether. Check out part of their mission statement:

"Julep was created as a tribute to the girlfriends who tell it like it is. Who push us to take a break from the bob and try something a little more daring with our hair. Who give us the courage to pull that little black dress out from the back of the closet. Who insist that we have a little fun with our fashion and refuse to let us settle for ordinary. These are the girlfriends who shout, 'Go for the leopard print (or the fuchsia or the fake fur). You look fantastic and you only live once!'"

LOVE IT! C'mon, Ladies! Be daring and fun in the EASIEST, most CONVENIENT way possible! Sign up as a Julep Maven here! In fact, if you use the promo code FREEBOX, you'll get your first one FREE! Then, I guarantee you'll be hooked ;)

What monthly products are you subscribed to?!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Product Alert! Giveaway! Easy, Beautiful & Affordable

Photo on Canvas

This week, I received the 16"x20" custom canvas that I ordered from I have always seen similar canvas prints on the internet and in people's houses, but I never knew a good site to order them from! Voila...I present to you... EASYCANVASPRINTS.COM! They're simple, affordable and high quality!

First, I'll start with the ordering process. The site takes you step-by-step through the different options and customizations available. Choose from different sizes, thickness, and the way you want the photo to wrap around. Also, the site allows you to upload your desired photo from your computer, Facebook, or Instagram! How easy is that?! Then, after uploading your photo, you can change the size and fit of it, so that your canvas looks just the way you want! The process is so simple and only took me five minutes. Actually, the hardest part of the order was deciding which photo I wanted to use!!! 

After ordering, I anxiously awaited my package. I was so excited when it finally came and I was not disappointed AT ALL! The canvas looked incredible and was totally protected in the shipping box! These canvas prints certainly stand out more than the average framed photo and I cannot wait to hang this over my couch in the living room. I know it will add such a touch of class that a normal print could never achieve!

Overall, was a WONDERFUL experience. I've already recommended it to so many friends and family members. Check out their website and like them on Facebook. Sign up for their email list and you will receive SO MANY incredible deals and discounts. Trust me, this is a unique product that you'll love and keep forever.

Want a canvas print of your own?! Enter below and win an 8x10 custom print of your own! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Open from 8/23-9/6. This giveaway is only open to residents of North America. The winner will be chosen randomly and contacted immediately.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Transforming Your Walls On The Fly

Decorating the walls of your house, apartment or room is not always easy or affordable. Let's face it, I'm not an artist and I'm not the most creative. I, also, don't have $200 to spend on large statement pieces or floor to ceiling wallpaper! So, recently, I've been looking for more fun, simple and inexpensive ways to decorate! With the following sites, techniques and ideas, you can customize the walls of any room with ease:
WallTat offers a variety of wall decals starting at $9.99. There are SO many different patterns, colors and styles to choose from. Create custom lettering, find a cute graphic or use a sophisticated pattern as a wall-paper alternative. It's affordable, easy and totally creative!!! WallTats are the best!
Photos taken from

Shadow Boxes

I first saw this idea on Pinterest and instantly loved it! For every trip you take, make a custom shadow box representing your memories! Actually, you could do this for almost anything. It's basically like making a small scrapbook page that can also contain three-dimensional items. Hang it on your wall and voila, an instant work of art that is not only sentimental, but looks awesome!
Photo taken from

 Free Printables

Featured on, this idea looks so chic and could NOT be any easier. First, purchase some inexpensive canvases from Michaels, whichever size you want. Trust me, they are not as expensive as you'd think! Then, print out your favorite quotes/pages (PinchingYourPennies offers three free printables here) and modge podge them to the canvas. THAT'S IT! Totally unique and totally chic. You can also customize them to fit with any decor or any room. Love this idea the most!!
Photos and idea from

How do you decorate your walls? I would love some more ideas!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Add this App! Don't Just Send Photos, Kicksend Them!

Printing photos isn't always quick and easy. You're either wasting valuable ink on your home printer, waiting for prints in the mail after your online order, OR standing at a store kiosk printing photos one-by-one. Well, don't worry, ladies; I have found KICKSEND, an On The Fly friendly app for printing your photos!

Follow these simple steps to print photos... right from your device!
  1. Download the free Kicksend app or visit the Kicksend website
  2. Choose whether you'd like to mail the prints to someone (free shipping when you order 10 or more) OR if you'd like to pick them up yourself
  3.  Allow Kicksend to access the photos on your device and choose from your own collection!
  4.  To send photos, enter the shipping address and payment info and you're all set!!
  5. If you would like to pickup, use the GPS cabability to find a location near you! You'll recieve an email when your prints are complete; then, just pay upon pickup! EASY PEAZY!

Sounds too good to be true; right? I thought the same, so I tested it out for myself! The first thing I liked during my trial, is the fact that you don't have to sign up to use their services!! PERFECT for a trial run. Next, the step-by-step process made everything easy and fast. It literally took me five minutes to order the prints from my phone. That same day I picked up my QUALITY prints from CVS! I was so very impressed with the service and with the app's simplicity. 

Kicksend has definitely solved a reoccurring inconvenience of mine! I will use it over and over and NEVER stand at a touch-screen photo kiosk again! YIPPEE!

So, remember, don't just hit send, KICKSEND!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Make the Most of Your Maxi

Short stature:
Try wearing heels to make the dress shorter and to make you appear taller. Another option is to use a chunky belt; use this to cut off some length by tucking the extra fabric!

Buy this dress
Tall stature:
Stick to flats or sandals. Also, it's okay for the dress to hit at or above your ankles; it doesn't have to touch the floor! Or get a larger size but use a belt to still accentuate your waist.

Buy this dress

Don't let maxi dresses intimidate you! There are MANY styles that ONLY work with curves; you just have to look for the right ones! But, to make it easy, just add a belt around your waist so that the dress flatters your body and doesn't just hang.

Buy this dress


Fake curves by wearing a flowy maxi dress with different textures. The way it moves while you walk will easily give the appearance of a sexy and curvy figure.

Buy this dress 


Easily elongate your legs by going with the hi-low style! Business in the front and party in the back, anyone? This look can look fun and carefree or sexy and sophisticated.

Buy this dress 

EASY EXTRA: When shopping for a maxi, remember to check for flattery on the two most important places-- your stomach and butt!
Wear your maxi year-round by adding a sweater, jacket, blazer or vest.

Original Photos, Left to Right: 
Blushing Boulevard
Delightful Deets 
Stylelista Confessions


Get double the wear when you turn a your dress into a maxi skirt by adding a shirt! So cute!!

Original Photos, Left to Right:
Fizz & Frosting 
Extra Petite

There's no better accessory than a simple scarf... and so many ways to wear one!

Original Photos, Left to Right:
Dash Dot Dotty
Skimbaco Lifestyle


Take your maxi to the beach and boardwalk by adding a super cute and trendy hat to really make you stand out from the crowd!

Original Photos, Left to Right:
ASM Magazine


Be sure to add a flashy necklace to dress things up for a special occasion or night out.

Original Photos, Left to Right:
The Dandy Lion Boutique
Fashion to Live

Charlotte Russe
Tiel Boutique
The Dandy Lion Boutique

Fashion to Live
ASM Magazine
Dash Dot Dotty
Skimbaco Lifestyle
Fizz & Frosting 
Extra Petite
Blushing Boulevard
Delightful Deets 
Stylelista Confessions

Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Fly Lady's Guide to Health & Fitness

I'm sure that we all understand the importance of daily fitness and good nutrition. Living a healthy lifestyle positively affects your body, mood and mind. But, we also know the amount of time that takes!!! With your On The Fly lifestyle, you probably don't have to time for personal training or meal preparing! I have the same problem, which I why I've compiled the Fly Lady's Guide to Health & Fitness. With these tips, apps, challenges, you can live a healthy lifestyle even with an On The Fly life.

One of the best and easiest things you can do to improve your health and boost your weight loss is to drink LOTS of water! But, personally, unless I focus on doing this, I fail. I'll either forget to drink anything, or I'll reach for a soda instead. I'm happy to say that I've finally found something that helps: The Water Lite app! Using your weight, the free app will tell you have much water to drink a day all remind you throughout the day! Just tap the table to add a glass of water; after a week you can even view your water intake graph and get a grade on your performance. It's easy and will keep you reminded to drink up on a daily basis!

Looking to burn a few extra calories throughout the day... WITHOUT EVEN TRYING?! Who isn't? Well, check out what I found in an issue of All You magazine. These tricks are perfect for all ages and lifestyles! I say, let's make the most of our shopping trips and television shows!! 

Tracking calories is a pain! I mean, I don't have the time to check calories, write down what I'm eating and track it long-term. So, thank goodness I have the My Fitness Pal app. This free app is a diary for you to log your food and workouts. Search the calories of foods or, my favorite part, use the barcode scanner! Scan the product and My Fitness Pal will add the calories for you! This is so easy and smart. It's truly a food diary, right at your fingertips!

It's August 1st, but don't worry ladies, it's never too late to get that bikini body! (Hey, there are indoor pools for a reason, right?!) So take the On The Fly fitness challenge with me throughout the month of August! Over the 30 period, we'll focus on squats, push-ups and planks. Trust me, I did the squat one before and after a week, I starting seeing results! They're exercises that you can do while watching television or, break them up throughout the day! All you have to do is commit. So Fly Ladies, you in?!


So, what do you think?! Any tricks or apps that I missed? Keep me updated on how your On The Fly fitness challenge goes! YOU GO, FLY LADIES!

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