Thursday, July 18, 2013

Best TV Series' to Watch On Netflix

Now, I know that you busy girls don’t have much down time. But, when you do, you have to make the most out of it! Relax! Indulge in your guilty pleasures! Personally, I love to catch up on my television shows. For this, my go-to source is Netflix. I’ve had Netflix instant streaming for about four years now. It’s $8 a month and totally worth it! In fact, you can get a 30 day free trial to see if it’s for you!

For those of you who have Netflix, or if you’ll be trying it out for 30 days, here is my list of the BEST TV SERIES’ TO WATCH ON NETFLIX:
3 seasons, Showtime

A perfect combination of comedy and drama, this show focuses on a family that is anything but normal. Their world revolves their mother who suffers from dissociative identity disorder. With this, she (and her family) must juggle her seven personalities which range from a teenage girl to an old-fashioned housewife to a male trucker. 
Warning: As a Showtime series, it features strong language and nudity. 
8 seasons, Showtime

What happens when a newly-single, suburban mother must sell drugs to keep her family afloat? A series complete with romance, gangsters, danger and hilarity. The show follows the Botwin family and their journey in the marijuana drug trade. Just like United States of Tara, there is the perfect amount of comedy and drama, as well as total suspense.
Warning: Again, this Showtime series has no limits. It’s filled with profanity, nudity and drug use. AKA: DO NOT WATCH THIS WITH YOUR MOTHER… OR DAUGHTER. 
7 seasons, CBS

This sitcom is BEYOND hilarious. Let’s just say, if you were ever a fan of Friends, you’ll be a super fan of HIMYM (as it’s affectionately known.) Basically, it follows a group of friends throughout the years and focuses on the love-life of character Ted. Once you get into it, every episode you’ll be guessing if “extra number 81” who is barely in the shot, is “the mother.” It’s a funny, light show that ANYONE can enjoy. 
1 season, FOX

This quirky sitcom is about a recently single girl in her twenties who moves in with three single guys. Zooey Deschanel is ideal for this lovable and adorable main character. It’s light and cute and the perfect show to watch with a delicious glass of wine! 
1 season, ABC

Main character, Emily, is set on getting revenge on everyone who ruined her family and her father. She does it through psychological manipulation and a series of lies. This is definitely a “smart” show. Told through many flashbacks, sometimes you have to put the pieces of the puzzle together yourself. Super suspenseful and super enjoyable.

8 seasons, ABC

With 8 seasons, and almost an hour per episode, this show is certainly an investment. But let me tell you, it’s TOTALLY worth it. I just finished all 8 seasons from the beginning and I’m already going through withdrawal! It’s filled with medical mysteries, steamy romance and white-knuckle drama. I’ve never heard anyone be disappointed with this show. Thankfully, you can have the first 8 seasons right at your fingertips! 
3 seasons, FOX

Let’s just take a moment and hang our heads for Cory Monteith, the star of Glee who recently and tragically passed away. Ah, heartbreaking! He’s just so lovable as character Finn Hudson.
Anyways, the glee club struggles to fit in while also trying to win the National Glee competition year after year. What’s great is that they perform current songs, as well as classic songs. The drama and fun plots are perfectly balanced. Once you watch, I guarantee you’ll join the club and become a hardcore GLEEK!

Did I miss any?! What are your favorite shows, on or off Netflix? 
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