Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Apps for the Savvy Shopaholic

This post goes out to all my fellow SHOPAHOLICS! Some would say that retail therapy is a bad thing but I say, it's not bad if you're doing it right! Smart shopping is the best kind of shopping. Finding deals and saving money... what better kind of female bliss is there!? To help you do just this, check out these three apps for the SAVVY shopaholic:

Tophatter is a live forum where you bid against other users on all kinds of items! It's truly a virtual auction! At any time of day there are all sorts of showcases going on, selling everything from clothes, to makeup to designer purses. And the bids usually start under $5. In fact, I bought these AWESOME Betsey Johnson earrings for $12 including shipping and handling! But be careful, this gets quite addicting ;)
Never leave an online "coupon code" space empty again! RetailMeNot is a place for people to share coupon codes for online and in-store purchases. There are entries for stores, restaurants, hotels and more! I ALWAYS check this app before purchasing anything!
 Last but not least, Wanelo is like Pinterest, but for awesome, unique products. You'll finally everything on here; things you didn't even know you wanted! It's also great for finding that PERFECT gift for a loved one. Like Pinterest, you can save the product, and clicking on the photo takes you straight to the host website, where you're only clicks away from owning it for yourself!
How do YOU ensure savvyness when it comes to good ol' shopping?! Tell me what amazing treasures you find on these apps/websites!

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